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Of the roughly twenty million acres of land in South Carolina, only about one million is public. Creating meaningful impact on bobwhite populations statewide requires the help of private landowners.


To assist property owners in building good bobwhite habitat on their land, the SCBI offers the following services free of charge:

Property Evaluation

We will send a biologist to tour your property with you and talk about which areas would make good quail habitat and what steps you can take to make it happen.

Coffey-Litwiler 4.jpg
Management Plan Specific to Your Land

After the site visit, the biologist will write a detailed plan describing the specific steps you can take to build bobwhite-friendly habitat and will remain available to answer questions and provide other assistance as your work progresses.

Cost-share Program Assistance

Various federal and state cost-share programs are available to landowners who implement habitat work helpful to bobwhites. These can be a nightmare to navigate without the help of someone familiar with the process, and our biologists can guide you through the applications and implementation.


If you’d like to learn more about what makes good bobwhite habitat, download this free booklet from the SCDNR 

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