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Power in Partnerships

Previous attempts at restoring bobwhites taught us that this project is too big for any one organization. To impact quail populations statewide, we needed a diverse partnership with each member contributing a necessary component.


In December 2014, a group of state and federal agencies, conservation organizations, sportsmen, and landowners established the South Carolina Quail Council to guide the recovery efforts that would become The South Carolina Bobwhite Initiative. The capability of this partnership lies in the knowledge, manpower, and resources of its members. Some contribute land, others bring scientific expertise, several offer financial support, and all work together under a common, coordinated mission.

The partnership has expanded since 2014 and now includes these members:

Atlantic Coast Joint Venture.png
Clemson Extension.png
USDA logo Signature lock up with FSA text-01 (002).png
Center for Heirs Property.png
Farm Bureau Federation.png
Longleaf Alliance.png

Northern Bobwhite Habitat Restoration in South Carolina, the document guiding the work of the SCBI, can be downloaded in PDF format here:

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