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This is the most important word in the bobwhite dictionary. Without it, you'll have no bobwhites. 

What is the difference between good and bad habitat? Good habitat includes three things:​

  1. Nesting sites

  2. Brood-rearing areas

  3. Escape cover

What can I be working on right now?

Landowners eager to make their property more bobwhites-friendly often ask what they can do to get started. The answer varies depending on the time of year, so we created the chart below as a guide. Check with one of our biologists for more detail on how to implement any of these practices.

Habitat Management Timeline.JPG

Prescribed Fire and Quail

LLeaf fire0024.JPG

Of all the machinery and technology available for creating and managing bobwhite habitat, fire remains the most effective and most affordable tool in any landowner's toolbox. If you want more quail on your property, you need to include prescribed burning in your management plan.

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