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Tegeler wins NBGI Firebird Award

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

The winner of this year's NBGI Firebird Conservation Award from South Carolina is someone you may not have heard of but who's been vital to the success of the SC Bobwhite Initiative.

Amy Tegeler is the @scdnr Bird Conservation Coordinator and for many years has worked with the small game department staff on various projects. She was instrumental in setting up the bobwhite and non-game bird species monitoring on the focus areas, which enable us to track the success of the work we're doing.

She has continued to volunteer with the group, most recently assisting with an ARU (acoustic recording unit) project and helping a researcher from NY in that work. She's held several learn to bird courses over the years and with several new SCBI biologists on staff, this year's course was once again bobwhite- and grassland bird-centric.

Amy is one of the unsung heroes whose work takes place behind the scenes and rarely gets noticed by the public, but without her work we'd not be nearly as successful as we've been. Congratulations to Amy, well-deserved!


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